Invite people and earn - Referral program

Let money work for you by inviting people to create advertisements.

Inviting is an additional opportunity to make money on Zareklamy. People you invite will advertise on Zareklamy Ads, and you will earn from it. On the Referral program page you have your own unique referral link, which you can change whenever you want. Anyone who has an account on Zareklamy can invite and earn through this program. You do not have to invest, just encourage people to create ads through your own link.

Create a referral link

  1. Sign in to your Zareklamy account.
  2. Click on the menu bar (which is on the top left) and Referral program.
  3. You will see a window with your referral link. When you enter this site, the link will be generated automatically.
Invite people and earn - Referral program - Zareklamy Resources | Step 1

Start recommending

You can now invite people to advertise on Zareklamy Ads. If the recommended person creates any type of advertisement and makes a payment for a minimum of $10, you will receive each time 12% of the amount from payment of this person.

Example: You just have invited a person to create an ad. A person made a payment for $100, so $12 will be added to your account immediately. You will receive 12% of the payment amount each time the person makes a payment. There are no limits on making payments.

The list of invited people on the Referral program page is updated on a regular basis. This means that if a new person registers with your link or make a payment, you will see a change on this page immediately and you will also receive a notification.

Note: To turn off email notifications, go to Settings page and then click Privacy tab.

Invite people and earn - Referral program - Zareklamy Resources | Step 2

You don't have to spam everywhere your link. Below is a list of platforms on which you can find the people you are looking for:

  • Facebook - join to social groups related to these categories: online advertising, digital marketing, marketing online, social media, promoting, website promotion.

  • Twitter - write publications and use hashtags, e.g. #advertisement #advertising #ads #ad #marketing #socialmedia #positioning #sem #seo #promotion.

  • LinkedIn - write publications on your profile or send a message with a link to specific people who have experience with ads.
    Search for people who contain these categories in the description of the profile or in the title of the work: SEM, PR, SEO, PPC, CPA, CPC.

Still confused?

If you have any question related to the Referral program, don't wait and write to us through Contact us page.

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